The Night

On a full moon πŸŒ• day, Balaram and Krishna were crossing the forest. Both have been walking all day long and the sun was setting, and they were searching for a place to rest. Both have been really tired, Krishna yawning towards Balaram,”Bhaiya, 😌 both of us cannot sleep at the same time, Let me sleep and you guard me, and when you can’t control your sleep, wake me up and I shall guard you”, said so Krishna and went to sleep. As the night fell, Balaram suddenly heard a huge roar of sound. Balaram became alarmed and started looking hither and tither, and saw a huge demon approaching. Balaram saw the demon growing bigger and bigger in size as he was approaching, wrestler Balaram was now afraid. He asked from a far off distance, “Who are you?”. The monster came closer and growled, Balaram, terrified by the size and the growl, called out “Krishna ! Krishna !”, fainted and fell unconscious 😁 Woken up by the call, Krishna followed Balaram’s call and found him sleeping, Krishna thought, “Bhaiya would have been really tired by now, I think it’s my turn now”πŸ€” and started moving around until he saw the monster standing nearby. The monster growled at Krishna then. “What do you want”,❓ Krishna asked unafraid. The size of the monster decreased, its shrunk to half its size. “What are you doing here”.❓❓ Krishna asked him again and the monster shrunk again. Krishna kept on asking expecting a reply and meanwhile kept on playing his flute, the monster kept on shrinking to the point when he was 2 inches tall and Krishna took him in his palm and wrapped him his upper garment. Balaram woke up in the morning and again shouted, ” Krishna ! Krishna !” πŸ˜€ Balaram trying to recall, last night, told Krishna, he is joyous that both of us are saved from the monster, last thing I remember is that I fainted”. Krishna took out the little monster, “Is this the same monster”. “Balaram with gazing eyes, Yes, but it was so big! 😲How did it shrink?” asked Krishna. Balarama told Krishna how the monster grew yesterday every time he was scared of it. ☺️ Then Krishna concluded “Everytime we are afraid, our fears grow big, but every time we face them and question them, they become smaller and smaller” πŸ™‚

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