A Broken Heart

Time and again a confusion hits me, it slays me down, what have I done. An emotion essentially, an action emerging from my heart bewilders me of my own self. It is a fight with the outer world for the peace of the inner. The shatter of expectations, am I expecting too much, leaves me broken. A constant chatter of the literal wrongdoings haunts me, pulls me down,  I feel the genuine desire to expand love and care, a lingering in my soul, I miss something. The world outside shaded, fades my heart, I wonder what shade I am in, I fight for a place in the world, is it worth it.

My pure self doesn’t belong to any, a witness of all, but understands a few. A world misdirected away from the genuine self. The weight of responsibilities part of these shades, achieved at different levels of fulfilment. Inflicted by my mind and other beings, I summon the very me out of the catastrophe. Scared of expression, what will this world make of me. What am I trying to do? All I need is a work I love, a place where I belong, I am held with my true emotions without force and a connection with the supreme being. The magic of being with people who resonate with this genuine need is satisfying, as we support each other towards the seek, the divinity manifesting. Fortunate are the ones, working as per their nature a desire in every human. Also are the ones, who seek the genuineness inside, outside and evolve through the layers of connection with this world. Broken is the layer of connection with this world, my emotions overlooked and misunderstood, but not my heart, which tries to Love after every failed attempt.

The continuity of life, a journey not made alone, the secretes revealed as we evolve. A light of love lit within, from a person who is a fireball of love, the omnipresent. Inside my inner world, resides this person, a witness to all my feelings, but quiet just like a one sided genuine lover, following the beloved wherever they go. No longer can I live without a fortune graced upon me, a token for a deed, to carry on for more in this life that is there to see. All responsibilities merge in thy, please help me realize, as I take a deep sigh. You hide in the hearts of true saints, one who are affectionate, benign and humble. A glimpse I felt, at your lovers place when I knelt. I move on, with a tiny desire inside the chambers of my heart, to know you more, to bring a little from your world, inside this broken world of mine as I find my way through the streets of this place, everyday . . .

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