A Call with the Bygone

TIME doesn’t wait, indiscriminately the rule is for everyone. Flashes from my picturesque memory takes me back in timeline, to the personalities like you no longer in vicinity but leave a mark in our hearts, a mark, a wake up call. Memory lanes reroute, the thought processes change as everything just so immediately traces us back to the instances that we spent with you, and continue spending in the thoughts and longing deep inside.

Your contribution in our lives remarkable, I wonder how lives just move on with each day missing an acknowledgement, the number of blessings that is graced upon. All of you, wherever you may be, but you reside and meet us in our minds. Existence has become a crisis these days, dynamics and uncertainty increasing, creeping in our minds. You all lived a life much more serene, quite untouched from the ravelled world, but still quite present, an art to be learnt. The age progressing, evolving as they say, devolving I say, you would agree,  witnessed matters from a realm above, you know what we are going through. Plethora of voices in my head, clash among themselves, a conundrum, we long for a connection with ourselves, a union where we can rejoice. Time destroys everything, except our ignorance, the one which requires an exclusive effort spent inside our catacomb.

Much more than the outside, happens inside, I believe in the real power within, we all believe knowingly, unknowingly, get tangled with the energies outside. An invitation to the inner world given to only those, whom I can be vulnerable with. The network is weakening as the inner worlds are collapsing, invitations reducing, the world failing, the dire need being fixing the inner world. Destiny is bewildering most of the times, it’s call for acceptance seems unjust. There is a missing element, an important one which keeps on receding with each passing day; the blessings of the higher realm, otherwise everything in the world today is much better than it was seconds ago, but the core human values, the appreciation and connection of divine reducing. Looking to the realms above, finding ourselves.

Epilogue :

As we grow, the more time we spend with our lives, the more memories we make, sweet, bitter and annoying, people pass by some close, some far, many not known, the inner world becomes a complex place. What I seek, is the togetherness of the people I love and appreciate deep within, forgiveness from the loved ones I have hurt knowingly unknowingly, the divinity within and the power to fight with the ignorance. The truths and the depths unexplored, and a longing to meet more people like you.

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